Armodilo Xero Tilt | Custom Branded Tablet and iPad Wall Mount with Adjustable Display

The Armodilo Xero Tilt custom branded tablet and iPad wall mount display is our lowest-footprint secure kiosk for display installations. Designed for enhanced interactivity, full brandability, and open access to tablet features, the Xero Tilt is easy to mount on any wall, desktop, or countertop, providing a rugged personalized interactive touch-point with a built-in 90˚ range of movement. If you love the tilt-head design of the Sphere, but you’re looking for more flexibility in a wall-mounted installation, you’ll love the Xero Tilt.

Front and back views of the Armodilo Xero Tilt custom branded tablet and iPad wallmount display with tilt features.

Features and Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum & ABS build (only 3lbs).
  • Sturdy steel backing with Kensington lock port in back plate.
  • Display mount sets up in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Secure tablet mounting using ArmoLock™ security screws.
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit all iPads and a variety of tablets.
  • Full access to all tablet ports and buttons.
  • Many accessory and upgrade options available, including a variety of face plates featuring interchangeable printed graphics or designer resins.

The Armodilo Tilt XERO custom branded tablet and iPad display in wallmount configuration.
A hand showing how easy it is to tilt the Armodilo Tilt XERO custom branded iPad and tablet display mount.

A Shareable, Branded Kiosk for any Surface

The Xero Tilt is a secure wall-mounted iPad and tablet display perfect installing shareable screens and rugged interactive touch point kiosks. The Xero Tilt provides your customers and clients with an inviting information station that is fully-adjustable for each user’s unique needs, surrounded by a custom faceplate to ensure you get the message across.

Access to All Tablet Features

The unique open-body design of the Xero tablet mount lets you install your iPad or tablet in any location securely as a kiosk, point-of-sale or interactive touch-point while maintaining access to all tablet features and ports. The Xero is the ideal flexible tablet mount for use in situations where audio peripherals and power button/volume control access are necessary. 

Assembly view of the Armodilo Xero Tilt secure tablet and iPad wall mount display kiosk with custom branding.
Assembly view of the Armodilo Xero Tilt iPad and tablet wallmount display showing anchor points and internal cable routing.

Secure Easy Mount Hardware

Tilt's design allows for easy mounting to any surface or wall using two bolts or screws. All cabling can be run through the mount for a clean, clutter free look.

Tested To the Limits

The tilt mechanics behind our Sphere and Tilt tablet display mounts are designed using high-quality, proven components that have been cycle tested beyond 20,000 movements. The smooth movement and silent operation of our tilt mechanisms are just one reason why Armodilo products are raved about all over the world.

Assembly view of the tilt mechanism on the Armodilo Xero Tilt tablet and iPad wallmount display.

Mount Finish

Swatch Armodilo Tilt XERO Black

Front Finishes

Xero Finish Honeycomb 170x122
Resin - Honeycomb (+$50)
Xero Finish Silverspun 170x122
Resin - Silverspun (+$50)
Xero Finish Printed Airplanes 170x122
Printed Insert
Swatch Armodilo Original Custom Inset
**Due to the nature of acrylics, there are slight imperfections that can show on final products. Though we do everything possible to avoid these, please be aware that this is a possibility on finished products.





Tilt 9.96”
(253 mm)
(300 mm)
(132 mm**)
2.30 lbs
(1.04 kg)
* Size and weight based on medium holder, size and weight will vary slightly with small and larger holders
** Up to 8" (203mm) depending on tilt angle


  • Armodilo Line Drawing Xero Tilt

Tilt (Xero) can be customized for the following devices

Don't see your tablet?
Brand Model Model#
Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4
Apple iPad 2017
Apple iPad 2018
Apple iPad Air 2 9.7
Apple iPad Air 3 - 10.5 ( 2019)
Apple iPad Air 9.7
Apple iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 - 2016
Apple iPad Pro 9.7
Brand Model Model#
Google Nexus 9 99HZF00X-XX
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1724
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 1796
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro - 12" SM-P9000
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 10" SM-T530N
Samsung Galaxy Tab E - 9.6" SM-T560
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - 12" SM-T9000

Support Request

Support requests will be answered within 2 business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 EST. For immediate assistance please call 1.800.975.5946

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